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Animal Instinct

General Synopsis

We at Liberty, designed the Animal Instinct line to be known as the premiere lead-free hunting line.   To redefine the American hunting experience entirely. The days of chasing down prey for miles, is a thing of the past. 

The design is similar to the Civil Defense line up, but more suited for hunting and rifle rounds. The base of the projectile is quite a bit thicker. While hunting, deeper penetration is much more of a necessity. Most animals we hunt are much more dense than humans. Their bones are more dense and their tissue is a lot thicker.

The Animal Instinct projectiles still create the same hydraulic pressure build up when they come in contact with fluid and tissue. However, the effect is greatly amplified because the projectiles are flying at much higher velocities.

Our projectiles easily outperform the competition in terms of accuracy, because they’re spun on a lathe. The Animal Instinct line truly sets a new standard for hunting rounds.


300 Blk 2 6-24-21

Available Calibers

  • Animal Instinct 300 Blackout

    • Projectile Weight – 96 Grains
    • Velocity – 2500 FPS
    • Kinetic Energy – 1332 FPE
  • Animal Instinct 308 Winchester

    • Projectile Weight – 100 Grains
    • Velocity – 3500 FPS
    • Kinetic Energy – 2700 FPE
  • Animal Instinct 30-06 Springfield

    • Projectile Weight – 100 Grains
    • Velocity – 3500 FPS
    • Kinetic Energy – 2700 FPE

Muzzle Velocity

300 Black Out


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