February 13, 2023

New For 2023: Liberty Ammunition OverWatch

overwatch ammo

Liberty Ammunition has announced OverWatch, an all-new ammunition line for 2023 designed exclusively for defensive use, whether for law enforcement and government objectives or civilian self-protection use.

Speed is the exponential factor of the energy equation and, with that, Liberty Ammunition remains focused on providing hard-hitting defensive bullets that are, by design, intended to create maximum upset, thanks to open-cavity bullet and ultra-fast muzzle velocity. “We are extremely proud of this new design; it is the ultimate in self-defense ammunition. OverWatch provides terminal performance through hydrostatic shock and deep penetration,” said Gary Ramey, CEO of Liberty Ammunition.

OverWatch comes at the request of a government agency for a barrier-penetrable bullet that provides maximum hydrostatic shock with controlled expansion. Liberty’s use of lightweight bullets make for a low-recoiling cartridge that, interestingly, equates to high energy displacement for hard-hitting terminal performance. Plus, because of the reduced weight, more rounds can be carried onboard the operator without slowing her/him down.

OverWatch is slated to come in following chamberings: 9 mm Luger, .45 ACP, .357 Mag., 10 mm Auto, .223 Rem., and 300 BLK. Handgun cartridges will feature a black-nickel-plated case and silver-colored nickel projectiles, rifle rounds are finished in bright nickel plating. For details, visit libertyammo.com.

American Rifle Man