February 22, 2023

Liberty Ammo – Faster, Lighter to Carry, Hits Harder


Liberty ammunition specializes in self-defense ammunition that penetrates barriers and ruptures in soft tissue, dumping ALL the energy into the target. Liberty neutralizes the threat:

Their products are designed to meet the needs of civilians, law enforcement, and military personnel that want the most effective ammunition possible. Here is what a Contractor who was carrying their ammo while protecting a foreign asset had to say:

“We had just arrived at the designated delivery point when two persons armed with shotguns stepped out from behind what was supposed to be a secured door of the building. The distance was approx. twenty-five feet, when the first guy tried to bring up his weapon, my partner covered the VIP, and I took the first defensive shot. (I figured· 2 rounds would be the minimum.)

That was not the case first round entered just above the xiphoid area of the sternum. The second round entered about 2 inches above the first, Thanks to the lite recoil of your ammo. I was informed by local police afterward the second round was not required. He was dead from the first round shredding his heart.

He was deceased before the 2nd round hit. He went down hard and was pronounced at the scene when his partner witnessed the impact, and lethality he dropped his weapon and surrendered.”


Liberty Ammo - Faster, Lighter to Carry, Hits Harder

Liberty Ammunition offers a variety of handgun calibers as well as a few rifle calibers.

All of their products are designed to flagship product is the Civil Defense line. This product line features lightweight bullets that travel at very high speeds. The reason they are designed this way is that bullet speed plays the most significant role in how hard a bullet transmits energy. In fact, kinetic energy is defined as: Ek=½mv2. The velocity is “squared,” which makes it more important than bullet weight.

In addition, they have designed their hollow-points with a copper projectile that ruptures as the soft tissue enters the cavity. Civil Defense ruptures upon entry, and their new line has a delayed rupture feature for maximum organ displacement.

By usacarry.com