May 13, 2024

Liberty Ammunition – in SSR Hot Products Guide 2024

News Release

BRADENTON, FL, May 13,2024

Liberty OverWatch Ammunition is a featured product in Shooting Sports Retailer’s 2024 Hot Product Guide.

Gary Ramey – CEO of Liberty Ammo said: “Shooting Sports Retailer focuses on the best products for retailers, and we are thrilled they included Liberty OverWatch Ammunition. They noted that Liberty OverWatch is the hardest hitting 9mm available and lighter to carry. It’s the perfect balance of velocity and grain weight, not to mention, the projectile hits the brakes and delivers all the energy into the target. Nothing that comes even close to our performance.”

  • Hits Harder
  • Lighter to carry.
  • Ruptures in soft tissue.


The link to the article is: Hot Product Guide 2024 | Shooting Sports Retailer – Digital Edition

About Liberty Ammunition

Liberty Ammunition is the leader in frangible and self-defense ammunition. Liberty Ammunition frangible has reduced ricochet benefits. The duty ammunition is the most effective ammunition available today. It is lighter to carry, hits harder and transfers all the energy into the target.



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