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Animal Instinct 30-06


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Animal Instinct 30-06

Weight: 100gr

Velocity: 3500 FPS

Kinetic Energy: 2700 FPE

Accuracy: 1 MOA @ 500 Yards

Rounds: 20 per box

The Animal Instinct 30-06 is one hell of a hunting round. We took our Civil Defense projectile design and toughened it up a bit. We thickened up the base to increase penetration. A trait that’s sought after when hunting larger animals.

We spin every Animal Instinct 30-06 round on a lathe to keep them consistently shooting accurate up to 500 yards. We designed the projectiles to drop animals on the spot, to prevent you from having to chase them for miles. Thanks to our lighter design there is also much less recoil.

This hunting round will not disappoint.


Where can I purchase Animal Instinct rounds for myself?

Check out our Retail Locator page:

All you need to do is type in your zip code or go to your city, to see every shop in your area that sells our ammo.

There are also plenty of sources online.

Are you a gun shop interested in carrying our ammo?

We sell through wholesale and direct. If you prefer wholesale check out our for the list of distributors that routinely stock our products.

If you prefer to sell direct, send us an email to We’ll quickly follow up with you and send you our direct programs.


Want to see some test videos?

Go to our “Testing and Reviews” page:

Weight 1.03 lbs
Dimensions 3.38 × 1.41 × 5.6 in


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