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Product Recall

Liberty Ammunition (“Liberty”) is issuing a recall in the following calibers: Civil Defense 380 ACP, Ultra-Light 380, Civil Defense 9mm, and Civil Defense 40 S&W. Visit our Recall Page to learn more.

Our mission is to make concealed carry better across the board. To not just increase the effectiveness, but also make it more practical and convenient.

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Liberty Ammunition is a company built around top-notch innovation. Each of our products is a step forward in the ammunition industry. On the defense side, our sole purpose is making concealed carry not only more convenient but also more effective. Our hunting line is focused on erasing the days of chasing down your prey for miles. Our Animal Instinct rounds drop targets on the spot. Each of our products are lead free, to be conducive to the growing regulations in states such as California. To learn more check out the information section in our website.


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