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Our mission is to make concealed carry better as a whole. Not only more effective, but more practical and convenient.

The History-

Liberty Ammunition began in 2001, following the 9/11 attacks. Set out with the sole purpose to make innovative self-defense rounds, that would live up to a higher standard. Innovative rounds that would help police officers and every day citizens feel a little safer at night. The best self-defense ammo around, just wasn’t getting the job done. From there it began.

In 2013, Liberty Ammunition opened the doors to civilians, with the best self-defense rounds on the market. However, because of faulty management, the company wasn’t run very well. They didn’t live up to their word and eventually went bankrupt. 

In September 2018, new owners bought Liberty Ammunition. Owners who stay committed to running the company at a much higher standard. I can’t speak on the behalf of previous executives, but I can speak for everyone at Liberty Ammunition today. That is not how things are run anymore. We make sure back-order is nonexistent. Our track record this year says everything in itself. Excluding one order that had to wait a week due to plating issues, we have shipped every single order this year in 3 days or less.


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