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Liberty Ammunition - Leader in Ammunition Technology

Founded in 2005, Liberty Ammunition is the leader in ammunition technology. What makes us different? Well with more than 15 patents, the Liberty 5.56 armor-piercing design is now a military standard. Self-defense is our priority, and the Civil Defense lineup is the most effective ammunition for defending your family. For even greater weight savings, use our Ultra Light ammo and you’ll still have the same great ammo performance.

Liberty Ammo is:

  • Lighter to Carry
  • Faster to the target
  • Ruptures on impact and stops the threat

Faster than the speed of sound with a deep cavity hollow-point, Liberty Ammunition creates a devastating permanent wound channel. Every bullet is individually inspected to the highest quality standards. 

The most effective self-defense round for civilians out there. The cavity design and high speed create a hydrostatic event that stops the threat immediately. The lighter weight allows you to carry it comfortably all day. All of our ammunition is lead-free to meet hunting regulations and in restrictive states (e.g. California).

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Liberty Ammunition (“Liberty”) Has A Recall In Place For Civil Defense 380 ACP, Ultra-Light 380, Civil Defense 9Mm, And Civil Defense 40 S&W Ammunition.

Any Ammunition Purchased/Shipped On Or After 8/28/2021 And In The Identified Lots, May Have Insensitive Primers, Which Could Result In A Failure To Fire. If You Have Any Of These Cartridges, Do Not Use Or Sell Them.

Any Ammunition Purchased Before 8/28/2021, Regardless Of LOT, Is Not Affected By This Recall. Look For The Following LOT Number On The End Flap Of The Box (Example Pictured To The Right).

Liberty Apologizes For The Inconvenience And Will Provide Replacements At No Charge. To Initiate The Replacement Process Or If You Have Any Questions, Please Contact Returns@Libertyammo.Com.