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Liberty Ammunition Civil Defense

Liberty ammunition is designed to eliminate threats with one round.  

The custom cavity dumps all energy into the target. The bottom portion of the cavity erupts as soft tissue fills the cavity.

The lighter weight makes it more comfortable to carry AND reduces recoil. This allows for faster target acquisition on follow-up shots.

The shape pf the projectile also penetrates barriers to ensure you have a fast and effective round, no matter what the situation is.

45 ACP 3D FRONT 4 6-24-21

Energy Transfer

Our projectiles function differently than any other self-defense round on the market. We designed the Civil Defense projectiles to eliminate threats with one round. We did this by creating the maximum amount of damage and tissue disruption possible. When the large cavity in our projectile fills with fluid, the hydraulic pressure builds until it explodes. The front two-thirds of the projectile fragments into 5-10 pieces shredding everything inside the target. The base continues to penetrate on.

An important thing to emphasis, it takes about two inches of fluid for the pressure in our projectiles to build up enough pressure to explode. On a chest shot for example, our rounds will cut clean through the ribs go through about two inches of tissue then blow up and shred vital organs. This is beneficial in a variety of ways.

 It’s important to remember in a self-defense scenario a projectile can eliminate a threat in three ways:

1.Blood loss 

2. Damage to the nervous system

3. Vital tissue and organ damage

Our projectile design improves on all four of those areas. Blood loss and organ damage go hand in hand. When a vital organ or artery is hit, it greatly increases the rate of blood loss. It is much easier to hit vital organs and arteries when you are using a fragmenting bullet. Blood loss is the most reliable way for an organism to cease breathing, it’s just a matter of how long it takes. With a fragmenting projectile, you simply have more chances to hit vital targets.

Damaging the central nervous system is the fastest way to shut down the human body. The central nervous system can be damaged through both direct and indirect contact.

By direct contact, we are referring to a projectile directly striking the central nervous system, causing instant death. Damaging the central nervous system is like unplugging a computer. The target instantly drops dead. However, hitting the CNS directly in the heat of the moment is no easy task, especially if you’re new to shooting.

A projectile flying at high velocities can cause indirect damage in multiple ways. When a projectile flying at high velocities penetrates the body, the energy of the projectile is transferred into the body, creating a shock wave. This shock wave travels from the wound to distant nerve centers, affecting their ability to function. This process is known as Hydrostatic Shock. 

When a projectile is shot into the body at high velocities, displacement occurs causing acceleration of fluid particles in and around the bullet’s path. This momentarily creates what is known as the temporary cavity. The temporary cavity reaches its largest diameter within about a millisecond of impact. From there, it then collapses into its final size within a few milliseconds. This creates a wound channel far greater than the original diameter of the projectile, known as the permanent cavity.

Hydraulic Shock refers to the pressure wave create by the rapidly expanding temporary cavity. When the energy being transferred is great enough, hydraulic shock is great enough to damage vital organs and fracture bones.

The human body has a certain elasticity to it, being made mostly out of water. Water is a non-compressible substance. The size of the temporary and permanent wound cavity is proportional to how much energy is being transferred from the projectile. When bullets at slower velocities pass through the body, the temporary cavity isn’t large enough to stretch the temporary cavity past what the body can handle. There is a commonly accepted rule that a standard projectile needs to travel at speeds greater than 2200 FPS for the temporary cavity to be larger than what the body can handle.

When a traditional bullet impacts a body greater than 2200 FPS, you start to see significant damage 5-6 inches away from the projectile’s path because of hydraulic shock. Hydrostatic shock begins to occur when standard projectile impact velocities exceed that point.

The 2200 FPS rule does not apply to our rounds. Our Civil Defense 45 ACP projectiles flying at 1900 FPS match the temporary cavity and energy transfer of top 223 self- defense rounds flying at 2700 FPS. We are able to create this through our superior projectile design. The pressure builds in the large cavity in our projectiles, added with the increased velocities of our handgun rounds, leads to wound cavities that match rifle ballistics.

Our 9mm, 40 S&W, 357 Sig, 10mm, 45 ACP, and 45 LC all perform in this manner. Our 357 Magnum, 38 Special, and 380 Auto were designed to fragment much easier, so they can fragment and function properly out of much smaller barrels, leading to less of a pressure buildup.

Barrier Performance

-With Self-Defense rounds, a bullet that will perform well through barriers is a must. The perfect bullet performs well through barriers then does exactly as intended in soft tissue/fluid.

Standard fragmenting rounds have incisions cut into the projectile, causing the round to pull apart and fragment when it encounters soft tissue. However, that design reduces barrier performance. The incisions mash together upon hard impacts. Therefore, leading the bullet to not perform well in the body after passing through the barrier. 

We create the Civil Defense projectiles by spinning them on a lathe. There are no vulnerable areas. Our bullets only fragment in soft tissue because of hydraulic pressure build up.

Our projectiles cut clean through barriers then perform exactly as intended in soft tissue / fluid.

Weight Reduction

One of the major benefits of our Civil Defense rounds, is weight reduction. There are two major benefits to having a significantly lighter round. One being pretty obvious, every day carry weight. It’s much more convenient when you have less weight you have to carry day in and day out. However, lighter rounds aren’t just more convenient, they’re more effective. With lighter projectiles, there is less felt recoil and less muzzle lift. Therefore, you can shoot follow up shots quicker than standard weight rounds. A lot of competition shooters prefer very light projectiles, so they can get accurate shots off quicker. 


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