October 10, 2023

Liberty Ammo Performance Series comparison – Sig Sauer

News Release

Bradenton, FL, October 10, 2023

Liberty Ammunition continues the “Comparison Series” with statistical comparison to Sig Elite V-Crown personal defense ammunition.

Gary Ramey – CEO of Liberty Ammunition noted “Sig is a premier manufacturer of firearms with a broad line of ammunition. But when it comes to self-defense ammo performance, Liberty Ammunition is lighter to carry and hits harder. A lot harder.”

Ramey added “Bullet weight is a core reason some departments are doing T&E with Liberty Ammo. For key self-defense calibers like .380, 9mm and 45 ACP, Liberty is not only lighter to carry, but faster and hits harder. Liberty’s energy is not only higher, but the bullet rupture delivers all the energy and that is critical.”


Liberty Civil Defense is 60% lighter and with hits with 24% more energy than Sig.

Liberty OverWatch is 42% lighter and hits with 26% more energy than Sig.

If you like slow and soft-hitting ammo, the choice is easy.

If you want ammo that is lighter to carry and more effective, choose Liberty Ammo.

Liberty Advantage
9mm Gr WEIGHT Feet per second –  Velocity Ft lbs – Energy Weight Hits Harder
Liberty OverWatch 72 1720 473 42% 126%
Liberty Civil Defense +P 50 2040 462 60% 124%
Sig Elite Defense V Crown 124 1165 374


45 ACP

The differences are clear in 45 ACP.

Liberty Civil Defense +P is 66% lighter and hits 78% harder.

Liberty OverWatch is 54% lighter and hits 70% harder.

In fact, Liberty 9mm hits harder than the Sig 45 ACP.

Liberty Advantage
45 ACP Gr WEIGHT Feet per second –  Velocity Ft lbs – Energy Weight Hits Harder
Liberty Civil Defense +P 78 1900 625 66% 178%
Liberty OverWatch 105 1600 597 54% 170%
Sig Elite 230 830 352


.380 cal

.380 is a core caliber with lighter weight firearms.

It makes no sense to weigh them down with heavy, slow and ineffective bullets.

Liberty has 130% the energy over Sig at 44% of the weight.

Ammo performance is critical in .380, you need as much energy as possible.

Liberty Advantage
380 cal Gr WEIGHT Feet per second –  Velocity Ft lbs – Energy Weight Hits Harder
Liberty Civil Defense 50 1500 250 44% 130%
Sig Elite V Crown 90 980 192


SAAMI calculates projectile kinetic energy in foot pounds. The SAAMI calculation is: E=(W*V2)/(14000*gc). (W=weight of projectile, in grains; V = velocity, in feet per second; gc= gravitational constant, 32.174 ft/s2)

About Liberty Ammunition

Liberty Ammunition started as a development house for the government.
Today, Liberty is the leading USA manufacturer of self-defense ammunition for the consumer, law enforcement and government sectors.

Liberty focuses on 3 core features/benefits:

  1. Lighter to carry
  2. Penetrates barriers and hits harder
  3. Ruptures and delivers all energy into the target


Liberty Ammunition produces ammunition for all key handgun calibers and is available at leading retailers and distributors in the USA.


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