October 16, 2023

Liberty Ammo Comparison to Federal and Speer

News Release

Bradenton, FL, October 16, 2023

The “Comparison” series continues with Liberty Ammunition, Federal and Speer.

Gary Ramey – CEO of Liberty Ammo noted “Federal and Speer have long been the industry standard with established brands for decades. But like many categories, ammunition has evolved over the past twenty years. In partnership with government funding, Liberty has created improved ammunition.”

Ramey added “We focus on performance and Liberty delivers. Consumers, law enforcement and military appreciate the weight savings and the product performance.  Liberty is lighter to carry and hits harder than other brands.”

The charts below provide the proof.


Speer and Federal are much heavier at 248% to 294% the weight of Liberty.
But they don’t hit as hard. Liberty hits 15% to 45% harder than those brands.

Whether it’s an extra magazine or a duty belt, weight is important when you carry.
And when your life is on the line, Liberty delivers more energy than either brand.

When lighter to carry and effectiveness is desired, Liberty Ammunition wins.

Speer Ammo Review

45 ACP

Liberty superiority is also evident in 45 ACP.
Competition is nearly 3x the weight of Liberty but don’t hit as hard.
Liberty hits 36%-38% harder than the competition.

Even Liberty 9mm hits harder than Federal or Speer 45 ACP.

federal ammo review



10mm is becoming a popular caliber, without question, Liberty far surpasses other brands.
Federal and Speer weight is 3x that of Liberty.
Liberty also hits 35%-43% harder.

People carry 10mm for performance.
Liberty delivers more energy and performance with the added benefit of weight savings.

Speer Ammo


SAAMI calculates projectile kinetic energy in foot pounds. The SAAMI calculation is: E=(W*V2)/(14000*gc). (W=weight of projectile, in grains; V = velocity, in feet per second; gc= gravitational constant, 32.174 ft/s2)

About Liberty Ammunition

Starting as a development house for the government, Liberty is the leading USA manufacturer of self-defense ammunition for the consumer, law enforcement and government sectors.

Liberty focuses on 3 core features/benefits:

  1. Lighter to carry
  2. Penetrates barriers and hits harder
  3. Ruptures and delivers all energy into the target


Liberty Ammunition produces ammunition for all key handgun calibers and is available at leading retailers and distributors in the USA.


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