October 31, 2023

Liberty Ammo – Hardest Hitting 9mm

News Release

Bradenton, FL, October 25, 2023

The “Comparison Series” continues with a summary of 9mm ammunition.

Gary Ramey – CEO of Liberty Ammunition noted “Liberty makes the best 9mm ammo, the math proves it. Energy in ft/lbs. is defined as: E=(W*V2)/(14000*gc). It’s simple, speed kills. In 9mm, Liberty hits harder than any other brand.”

Brand 9mm Velocity (fps) Weight (gr) Kinetic Energy (ft/lbs)
Liberty OverWatch 9mm +p 1720 72 473
Liberty Civil Defense 9mm +p 2040 50 462
Norma Norma NXD – Non-Expanding Defensive 1730 65 432
Speer Gold Dot Handgun Personal Protection +P 1220 124 410
Federal Personal Defense HST 9mm Luger +P 1200 124 396
Winchester Winchester Defender 1200 124 396
Hornady 9mm +P Luger 124 gr FlexLock® Critical Duty 1175 124 380
Sig Sauer 9MM 124GR JHP V-Crown Elite Performance 1165 124 374
Fort Scott 9MM LUGER TUI 1385 80 341
Fiocchi Hyperformance Defense 1150 115 338
Federal Personal Defense HST 9mm Luger +P 147gr 1000 147 326
G2 R.I.P 9mm 1250 92 319
Hornady 9mm Luger 147gr XTP 975 147 310

Ramey added “Liberty Ammo is also lighter to carry. You can carry more rounds with less weight and have a more lethal round than the other brands. Whether you have a duty belt, wear shorts or leggings, Liberty hits harder and delivers all the energy into the target. That is among the many reasons Ballistics Magazine named Liberty Ammo as the Editor’s Choice”.

About Liberty Ammunition
Liberty Ammunition started as a development house for the government. Today, Liberty is the leading USA manufacturer of self-defense ammunition for the consumer, law enforcement and government sectors.

Liberty focuses on 3 core features/benefits:

  1. Lighter to carry
  2. Penetrates barriers and hits harder
  3. Ruptures and delivers all energy into the target


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