January 9, 2024

Liberty Ammunition awarded “Biggest Ammo News in 2023” by Athlon

News Release

Bradenton, FL, January 2, 2024

Liberty Ammunition is featured again in a recent article by Athlon.
Gary Ramey – CEO of Liberty Ammunition says: “The author indicates that Liberty OverWatch is the “biggest ammo news of 2023”, and we agree. Liberty makes the best self-defense ammunition, period, end of story.

The author pointed out:
– You can eliminate ½ pound of magazine weight with Liberty ammunition.
– Liberty hits harder will hit harder than traditional “fat and slow” ammo.

Ramey added, “Its simple, consumers own firearms for self-protection and Liberty makes the best self-defense ammo.
Consumers, Operators and others carry Liberty Ammo because we:
• Hit Harder.
• Lighter to carry.
• Penetrates Barriers.
• Ruptures in soft tissue & dumps ALL the energy into the threat.

Check out the full article at: The Unknowns: Liberty Ammunition & Detroit Ammunition Company (athlonoutdoors.com)

About Liberty Ammunition

Liberty Ammunition is the leader in self-defense ammunition for consumers, law enforcement and government sectors. Liberty Ammunition penetrates barriers and ruptures in soft tissue, dumping ALL  the energy into the target. This creates a hydrostatic shock and neutralizes the threat.


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