March 22, 2024

Liberty Ammunition Launches Steel Plate/Range Ammo

News Release

BRADENTON, FL, March 22 2024 –

Liberty Ammunition is proud to offer a new Steel Plate and Range line of ammo. Geniously called “Liberty Steel Plate and Range”, this frangible ammunition offers reduced ricochet properties.

Liberty “Steel Plate and Range” is available in 9mm and .223. It is designed to allow law enforcement and government agencies the ability to practice on steel with similar recoil to the Liberty OverWatch ammunition. The velocity of this ammunition is reduced to also extend the life of the plates by reducing their damage.

Law enforcement agencies can purchase the ammunition from their retailers or directly from Liberty Ammunition. Consumers can access it from retailers or at the Liberty online store.

Gary Ramey noted: “As with all Liberty Ammunition products, this product goes through our extensive QC process to ensure the highest quality. We are in-stock and have already received calls about this ammunition.”

About Liberty Ammunition

Liberty Ammunition is a leading USA manufacturer of self-defense ammunition for the consumer, law enforcement and government sectors. Liberty Ammo carries the most kinetic energy of any consumer self-defense ammo and dumps ALL the energy into the
threat. This creates a hydrostatic shock that eliminates the threat.

Liberty Duty Ammo hits harder, is lighter to carry and travels faster than any other brand. This provides maximum terminal performance and makes Liberty ammunition the premier brand of self-defense ammunition.

Liberty ammunition is only available from leading retailers and distributors in the USA.


Liberty ammo features include:

  • Hits Harder
  • Lighter to carry.
  • Ruptures in soft tissue.


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