February 23, 2023

Liberty Ammunition – Lighter To Carry & The Best Self-Defense Ammunition


Liberty Ammunition: A Game Changer

With spring on our heels and summer quickly approaching, I know the women among us are excited to ditch the heavy winter apparel. Goodbye winter wool coats, hello t-shirts and leggings, shorts, and denim jackets. If you’re anything like me, you want to be prepared at all times and always, always, always carry your firearm with you. Whether it’s in the waistband or outside, in a firearm-friendly jacket pocket or leggings, my partner in self-defense is always with me.


The Weight Problem

One problem I have always run into is weight. Even with the best conceal carry firearms, you still want the capacity, and with the capacity comes the heavy weight. How often has your firearm dragged down your leggings or other pieces of clothing, simply due to the weight? Firearms are already heavy enough, and even though they’ve come a long way, your ammunition shouldn’t make this worse.

This is exactly where Liberty Ammunition offers the solution!


Liberty Ammunition – The Leader In Self-Defense Ammunition

Liberty Ammunition, the leader in self-defense ammunition with more than 15 patents, has created what I can only describe as the BEST self-defense ammunition on the market. Not only is their ammunition faster and much more effective (don’t take my word for it, watch for yourself here!), it is so much lighter, you just have to try it for yourself.


Liberty Ammunition Overview

The new Liberty Overwatch ammunition line is 46% lighter than Hornady’s Critical Duty, and 58% lighter than Speer’s Gold Dot +P. Trust me when I tell you, the incredible light weight does not diminish any of the effectiveness and speed. You can find the full ballistics here.

If that doesn’t convince you to ditch your ammo and go check out Liberty Ammunition now, I promise you, the sleek black nickel-plated casing will.


Stopping Power

To mention some of the techy aspects, Liberty’s bullets rupture upon impact in soft tissue, which creates a permanent wound cavity and immediate incapacitation, even after passing through intermediate barriers. It’s safe to say that Liberty Ammunition has created a bullet that stops a threat immediately.

liberty ammunition 9mm

Again, don’t take my word for it, and go see for yourself. Liberty Ammunition will quickly become your go-to for self-defense ammunition.

By thewellarmedwoman.com