April 12, 2024

Liberty Ammunition supplies Florida LE Dept

News Release

BRADENTON, FL, April 11 2024 –

Liberty Ammunition is pleased to support law enforcement with duty and training ammo.
The Hollywood, Florida Police Dept is one of the latest departments to include Liberty Ammunition for training needs. Liberty is assisting with their Steel Plate/Range frangible ammunition for training in .223.

Gary Ramey – CEO of Liberty Ammunition said “The Hollywood Police Department is one of the premier departments in the nation. They are a fully accredited agency with a special focus on community programs. It’s an honor and privilege to support their ongoing training programs to keep their community safe”.

About Liberty Ammunition

Liberty Ammunition is the leader in frangible and self-defense ammunition. Liberty Ammunition frangible has reduced ricochet benefits. The duty ammunition is the most effective ammunition available today. It is lighter to carry, hits harder and transfers all the energy into the target.

Liberty ammo features include:

  • Hits Harder
  • Lighter to carry.
  • Ruptures in soft tissue.


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