January 30, 2024

Liberty announces a new in-store program to support retailers

News Release

Bradenton, Florida – 01-30-2024

News Release

Liberty Ammunition is proud to announce a new in-store program to support retailers.  Gary Ramey was quoted: “There are over 1800 Type 06 FFL’s in the USA. Most make commodity products and have nothing to talk about other than price. While they race to the bottom with price, we keep pace by making the most effective self-defense ammunition. Better retailers know that the majority (72%) of gun owners own a firearm for self-defense. They need to carry self-defense ammo and retailer margins are better than commodity ammo.”

Ramey continued: “We are going to support our retailers and tell the story to consumers. We will provide retail partners with signs, counter displays, hats, shirts, in-store videos, gel blocks and other items. As others race to the bottom in price, we continue to improve product quality and provide retailers with a great margin.”


New POS retailer support package

About Liberty Ammunition

Liberty Ammunition is the leader in self-defense ammunition for consumers, law enforcement and government sectors. Liberty Ammunition penetrates barriers and ruptures in soft tissue, dumping ALL  the energy into the target. This creates a hydrostatic shock and neutralizes the threat.

• Hit Harder.
• Lighter to carry.
• Penetrates Barriers.


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