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357 Magnum


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763 in stock


We have redesigned the Civil Defense 357 Magnum to reliably fragment out of 2 inch barrels.
Weight: 50gr
Velocity: 2100 FPS
Kinetic Energy: >490 FPE
Accuracy: < 1” @ 25 Meters
Rounds: 20 per box
Terminal Effect: 3 ½ “W x 12” D

Compared To Other Top Self-Defense Rounds

Our projectiles function differently than any other self-defense round on the market. We designed the Civil Defense line to eliminate threats with one round. We did this by creating the maximum amount of damage and tissue disruption possible. They do well against barriers, but when the large cavity fills with fluid, the hydraulic pressure builds until the side walls of the projectile explode. With that explosion comes rifle sized temporary cavities and hydrostatic shock, therefore increasing stopping power by tenfold. Following the explosion, the bullet fragments into a starburst shaped pattern creating multiple wound channels. This process also benefits in many other areas across the spectrum of things considered when talking about self-defense. Such as reduced over penetration and lessening the risk of unintended casualties. Having a lighter projectile also leads to less muzzle flip for faster follow up shots.


Liberty 357 Magnum Rounds

October 6, 2023

I shot the 50 grain 357 Magnum rounds through my little Smith & Wesson 360 J frame. I was very impressed with how minimal the recoil was. Huge difference between regular 158 grain 357 Magnum target loads. The Liberty 50 grain 357 recoil feels like a regular 38 load. This is definitely my carry self defense round!!


Response from Liberty Ammunition

Thanks Rich, and we hit harder than those heavy and slow rounds.

Word is getting out thanks to folks like you.

We appreciate it.

What about at point blank range?

April 20, 2023

Does it behave the same if the target is within inches or closer to the shot?

Jose galegos

Response from Liberty Ammunition

Jose, the performance is driven by speed of the bullet.

Performance should not change, but hopefully you are not needing our bullet at point blank range.

358 mag taurus 605

November 10, 2022

Accuracy is improved and is in a carry in weapon as we speak. 5 shot , yes better than six without.


A navy seal gave me 3 box’s

June 4, 2024

These are the very best of the best! I wouldn’t use anything else now that I had to use one for self defense. Dropped right to the ground killing him in one shot. Thanks liberty. Kurt

Kurt sleeter

Response from Liberty Ammunition


We are sorry you had to use our ammo in self-defense.

But very happy they performed as expected!

We have a strong following of special forces members and appreciate one giving you a few boxes.

Outstanding Ammunition

June 4, 2024

Outstanding ammunition. Performs as advertised. I will never use another type of ammunition in my carry pistol./

Monte Leath

Response from Liberty Ammunition

Thanks Monte!

Nothing hits harder than Liberty Ammunition.

We are lighter to carry and deliver ALL the energy into the target.

Got Scamed !!

June 4, 2024

I bought a box at the tgs about 6months. Opened it up last night. And found Hornaday rounds. I’ll try again, as I got some nice Liberty 9+ to try out also.

Kim H

Response from Liberty Ammunition

Kim….those were Hornady casings….but the bullets, powder and design are pure Liberty Ammunition.

LibertyAmmunitions 8


Ammo: 357 Magnum

  • Our Projectiles Function Differently

    Our Projectiles Function Differently Than Any Other Self-Defense Round On The Market. We Designed The Civil Defense Line To Eliminate Threats With One Round. We Did This By Creating The Maximum Amount Of Damage And Tissue Disruption Possible. They Do Well Against Barriers, But When The Large Cavity Fills With Fluid, The Hydraulic Pressure Builds Until The Side Walls Of The Projectile Explode. With That Explosion Comes Rifle Sized Temporary Cavities And Hydrostatic Shock, Therefore Increasing Stopping Power By Tenfold. Following The Explosion, The Bullet Fragments Into A Starburst Shaped Pattern Creating Multiple Wound Channels.

    Our Projectiles Function Differently





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Our 380 Civil Defense Rounds Changed The Pocket Pistol Game. For A Long Time, Everyone Criticized The 380 ACP For Not Having Enough Kinetic Energy. That’s Not The Case Anymore. Our 380 Is One Of Our Most Sought After Rounds Because It Packs Enough Punch, It Gets The Job Done.