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38 Special


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1288 in stock


Recall on Civil Defense 38 Special Lots 532 and 533 only You can find out which lot your box is, by looking at the inside cover flap. The last three numbers determine the production lot. Please email Sales@LibertyAmmo.com, we’ll replace it immediately.
Weight: 50gr
Velocity: 1500 FPS
Kinetic Energy: 250 FPE
Accuracy: < 1″ @ 25 Meters
Rounds: 20 per box
Terminal Effect: 2 ½ “W x 12” D

Compared To Other Top Self-Defense Rounds

Our projectiles function differently than any other self-defense round on the market. We designed the Civil Defense line to eliminate threats with one round. We did this by creating the maximum amount of damage and tissue disruption possible. They do well against barriers, but when the large cavity fills with fluid, the hydraulic pressure builds until the side walls of the projectile explode. With that explosion comes rifle-sized temporary cavities and hydrostatic shock, therefore increasing stopping power by tenfold. Following the explosion, the bullet fragments into a starburst-shaped pattern creating multiple wound channels. This process also benefits in many other areas across the spectrum of things considered when talking about self-defense. Such as reduced over-penetration and lessening the risk of unintended casualties. Having a lighter projectile also leads to less muzzle flips for faster follow-up shots.


The only way to go!!

November 27, 2023

Hands down the finest ammo I have ever fired!! Period!

Accurate, powerful and lite to carry!!

Bruce Daugherty


May 14, 2023

Wanting to buy 38 specials rounds, are they safe to use in S&W 38 air weight, gun weighs 14.4 ounces


Response from Liberty Ammunition


Our rounds should work fine with any 38 Special.

But those lighter guns have some snappy recoil with any round.

Do you have 38 Special +P

May 14, 2023

I’m looking for some +P ammo for my 38 Special. I’m wondering do you sell it or know if you are ever going to make it?

Ryan Lewallen

Response from Liberty Ammunition

Hi Ryan, Our 38 Special is not +P.

But it does travel at 1500 feet per second and hits with 250 foot pounds of energy.

We think that’s pretty strong performance and won’t be adding any more to that.

Incredible Ammunition

May 17, 2024

I use this as my personal defense ammo in my full size .40 pistol. I’ve bought maybe 500 rounds over the years. The speed of the round is incredible and the incredible sound it creates is jarring to any would-be threats. Expect lots of attention at the range. This round is extremely lethal. It is essentially an exploding bullet that is less likely to penetrate a human target.

Sean Waggoner

Sold on the first round

April 17, 2024

I stumbled across these at an auction some years back taped to the box of ammo I THOUGHT I was buying. After reading about them, I blew it off as just another gimmicky round that wouldn’t deliver on the hype. Finally, I decided to test them at an outdoor range a year or two ago. Absolutely devastating terminal ballistics, and yet they stop where they’re supposed to….in the target. Insane velocity in an unbelievably light round without any noticeable increase in felt recoil. It’s all my wife and I will use anymore, and I’ve even hooked a couple friends on it after they’ve tried a couple rounds. Great company, awesome round, dependable results, what more needs said?

David Johnston

Awesome/that’s all I will ever use for Home defense or protection

April 4, 2024

They work wonderful you will have to see for yourself to really understand how awesome this bullet is great for home defense or protection away from home

Darl Czerniejewski
LibertyAmmunitions 80


Ammo: 38 Special

  • Our Projectiles Function Differently

    Our Projectiles Function Differently Than Any Other Self-Defense Round On The Market. We Designed The Civil Defense Line To Eliminate Threats With One Round. We Did This By Creating The Maximum Amount Of Damage And Tissue Disruption Possible. They Do Well Against Barriers, But When The Large Cavity Fills With Fluid, The Hydraulic Pressure Builds Until The Side Walls Of The Projectile Explode. With That Explosion Comes Rifle Sized Temporary Cavities And Hydrostatic Shock, Therefore Increasing Stopping Power By Tenfold. Following The Explosion, The Bullet Fragments Into A Starburst Shaped Pattern Creating Multiple Wound Channels.

    Our Projectiles Function Differently





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Our 380 Civil Defense Rounds Changed The Pocket Pistol Game. For A Long Time, Everyone Criticized The 380 ACP For Not Having Enough Kinetic Energy. That’s Not The Case Anymore. Our 380 Is One Of Our Most Sought After Rounds Because It Packs Enough Punch, It Gets The Job Done.