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My name is Chris. I’m a former Air Force SOF guy. I bought your civil defense ammunition when I was at Pope AFBB (back when it had the SF crest on the box). I carried it in my glock 19, concealed, every day. I moved away to a very gun-unfriendly city on the West Coast and continued to carry. My girlfriend was attacked by a gang member in a random act of violence, fueled by drugs and psychosis. Fortunately, I was there. He stabbed her, and he threatened me when I attempted to apprehend him. All it took was one shot, center mass. He stopped instantly and, depite my efforts to treat him, he didn’t make it. I’ve never seen such a large entry wound. I can tell you more details if you’d like, but I want you to know that your bullet saved my girlfriend’s and my life. Don’t worry I was officially cleared of any wrongdoing (justifiable homicide), and I was never charged with a crime. Keep making quality products, and I’ll continue to be a customer and recommend you to my friends and colleagues.

I have three favorite .40 cal rounds, and these rounds are my #1. They are devastating in soft tissue via dumping massive kinetic energy, while having less felt recoil than most 9mm rounds. Keep it up liberty, you guys are awesome!

This light ammo is great for home & personal carry protection. If you haven’t shot it, get some and shoot it. Highly recommended.

Liberty Civil Defense Ammo does exactly what it claims to do.
I was able to be on site at GTR Sporting Club and I was impressed. Liberty 9 mm was shot from my Glock 43 into ballistic gel and it performed perfectly, breaking into 8 pieces and creating 8 wound channels. Penentration was about 10 inches.
I also had a rare oppurtunity to compare back to back Liberty 9 mm and Hornady Civil Defense 115 gr. The Liberty had less recoil. And with less weight per bullet, that’s less weight on your belt or in your pocket. As a concealed carry permit holder and IL concealed carry instructor I am always looking for good product for myself and my students. Liberty Civil Defense delivers.

I used this ammo on a hog hunt and WOW, was I impressed. Two hogs, both at a range of 125yds, two shots, both dead before they hit the ground. The bullet did go through the hogs, each weighing in at approx 175lbs. Upon dressing them out, the damage that was done was totally lethal! This will be my round for Antelope and Deer going forward! Can’t say enough about this ammo. I’ve been hunting for over 35 years and this is the best ammo I have ever used. Trust me, try it for yourself and see!

I am a firearms instructor at Southern Shot and Steel in TN. I have always been a 1911 45acp guy until about 8 months ago when I purchased an HK VP9. A friend of mine at SOCOM gave me a box of your 9mm +p ammo. I still had some apprehension on the 9mm but decided that would be my new carry arm. This past Friday my Grandson and I went to our farm. We have livestock and always keep a donkey around to divert the coyotes. So my Grandson (8) was helping to carry items into the farm house when the donkey (a jack) attacked him. I had a narrow window for a well placed shot. The bullet impacted the animal just right of center and about an inch above the center line of its eyes. Instantly the animal collapsed between my grandson and a retaining wall. If it were not for the exceptional performance of the Liberty bullet, my Grandson would probably not be with us today. After getting the boy tended and checked out. I returned to dispose of the animal. The donkey had completely bleed out through its nostrils, there were signs of grey matter evident also. To create that type of damage the projectile had to liquefy everything in the skull cavity. Thanks again, your exceptional product contributed to saving the life of a young man from a horrible death! I will tell everyone I have the opportunity to talk with about your outstanding product!
Thanks again, your exceptional product contributed to saving the life of a young man from a horrible death! I will tell everyone I have the opportunity to talk with about your outstanding product!

I Decided To Use These In My Beretta Cx4 Storm With 16in Barrel They Feed Perfectly, If These Guys Using A Pistol Are Getting Good Performance Try Them In Your Carbine! Impressive, Awesome, Super Performance!

These rounds are amazing!! So light and fast,and penetration is unbelievable. When they say One and Done,you better believe it. I carry these rounds in my XDM 40 concealed, and on duty,knowing full well these rounds will stop any threat projected. Best on the market for sure.Thank You Liberty.

Used this round on a 90lb pig. Quartering shot at a range of 4-5 feet. With a 1911 Commander. Shattered the shoulder obliterated the one lung and the bottom third of the heart. Bullet did not exit, and was not recovered. Pentrated about 2 inchs before coming unglued. I now carry liberty in all me defense guns. Wish you had it 44special, which is my go to woods gun. 2 of these next to the 2 shot shells, and 2 Keith loads 255g SWCs would cover all the bases.

Amazing power and velocity: Using my Glock 20 with a 6″ barrel I obtained 2,550 fps average. The effect of one of theses rounds on a water filled jug is devastating.

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