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How does the Civil Defense line work?

 The Civil Defense line was designed to eliminate a threat with the fewest rounds possible. We did this by amplifying the amount of damage and tissue disruption.

Our rounds are exceptionally lightweight with a very high velocity, For example, our 9mm projectiles travels at 2000fps with an extremely deep cavity, and only weigh 50 grains.

They do well against barriers but when this cavity fills with soft tissue/liquid the hydraulic pressure explodes the side walls of the projectile in a starburst pattern maximizing energy transfer into the target and creating a devastating wound cavity with multiple channels that cover a much greater area inside the target.

How do the Ultra-Lights vary from the Civil Defense Rounds?

Check out our “Introducing The “Ultra-Lights!” page. It will go over this in-depth.

How do the Animal Instinct rounds differ from the Civil Defense rounds?

The bases are thicker on the projectiles, leading them to penetrate deeper. When hunting deeper penetration is a must. The intended purpose for the Animal Instinct rounds was to prevent having to chase an animal down. Our Animal Instinct rounds will drop most animals within a couple feet of getting hit.

What are the projectiles made of and why?

We at Liberty Ammunition designed a projectile for the Civil Defense line that would do three things:

  • Fly accurately at high speeds while maintaining structure
  • Penetrate through barriers adequately
  • Detonate from pressure when encountering soft tissue/fluid, causing the bullet to fragment and open additional wound channels

The goal was to avoid over-penetration and transfer 100% of the bullet’s energy into the target with a reduced recoil for the shooter. We accomplished that goal by using copper machined from solid monolithic stock. Standard copper wouldn’t work because it’s too soft. We had to use a moderately hard copper alloy. We then nickel plate them after they made.

Nickel plating has quite a few benefits. From reduced barrel fouling to smoother feeding and more reliable ejection. Nickel plating increases the life cycle of the firearm and inhibits corrosion.

Are the pistol rounds +P or +P+?

Only our 45 ACP and 9mm is +P. The rest of our ammo fits SAAMI standard pressure levels.

How does the Civil Defense line do against barriers and why?

Our bullets do much better than most hollow points and other fragmenting rounds because they are precisely machined from one solid piece of moderately hard copper. There are no cuts or slits in our projectiles. Our projectiles have such large cavities that they are very resistant to plugging and other deformation issues associated with other defense rounds. Our bullets stay together through hard barriers. However, when they come in contact with fluid, pressure builds at such an immense rate that the cavity explodes and fragments violently.

Here are two videos of our ammo going through hard barriers followed by gelatin blocks, doing exactly what we intended them to. Civil Defense 10mm vs 2×4 then gelatin Civil Defense 9mm vs wall then gelatin

Are they lead-free?

Yes, Civil Defense is non-lead certified and California compliant. The only thing that’s not lead free is the primer. You can check out our non-lead certification for California at the link below. Just click on “Liberty Ammunition.”

How is the recoil with the velocity being so high?

With lighter projectiles comes less felt recoil. The recoil of our rounds are similar to that of practice/range ammunition. A lot of our customers love our rounds because they have such low recoil.

How do we ensure quality and consistency in our ammunition?

We ensure quality and consistency through 100% inspection. Every single round gets visually inspected, drop tested, and hand weighed.

How does it fare in hot/cold environments?

We test every caliber at 145 ®F, room temp, and -30®F.

Is Liberty Ammunition safe in my gun?

All our calibers fit SAAMI safety specs. Along with that, Civil Defense calibers have less recoil, therefore the gun takes less punishment, because of reduced slide velocity.

How much lighter is it?

Liberty Ammunition Civil Defense 9mm projectile – 50 Gr

Standard self-defense 9mm hollow point projectile – 115-147 Gr

10 Liberty Ammunition Civil Defense 9mm projectiles 500 Gr

10 Standard Defense Hollow Point 9mm projectiles 1150 to 1470 Gr

Liberty Ammunition Civil Defense 45 ACP projectile – 78 Gr

Standard self-defense hollow points 45 ACP projectile – 230Gr

10 Liberty Ammunition Civil Defense 45 ACP projectiles 780 Gr

10 Standard self-defense 45 ACP hollow point projectiles 2300 Gr

How accurate is it?

All of our handgun calibers will shoot groups under 1” at 25 meters, excluding our 45 LC. Our 45 LC will do under 1.25”.

How do I purchase Liberty Ammunition?

Your local gun shop should have it. If they don’t have it, most shops are happy to order it for you. If they don’t want to order it, you can also purchase it online either through us or other sites such as Natchez or Midway.

How can I sell/distribute Liberty Ammunition?

You can buy it from almost any distributor. However, if you would rather buy direct from the source, we have a dealer program enabling you to purchase from us. We would just need a copy of your FFL. Feel free to reach out to us at

Are we willing to do ammo transfers?

Absolutely! If you can’t find it at your local gun shop, and they won’t order it, send us an email at Let us know where you’re at and we’ll set it up for you.

If you have other questions, please contact us at You can also reach us at (941) 567-6178, if you’d rather talk in person.

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