March 3, 2023

Liberty Ammunition Specializes In Self-Defense Ammunition That Shreds The Threat

Liberty Ammunition is an ammo company out of Florida that specializes in self-defense ammunition. With so many ammo choices for self-defense, it’s important to do your research and see what’s available on the market, and where everything falls into place.

Their products are designed to meet the needs of civilians, law enforcement and military personnel that want the most effective ammunition possible.

Liberty Ammo hits harder, and is lighter to carry too. The lighter bullets make it even better with summer clothing or when you carry a full mag (or extra mags).

Liberty Ammunition offers a variety of handgun calibers as well as a few rifle calibers.




Their product line features lightweight bullets that travel at very high speeds. The reason they are designed this way is because bullet speed plays the most significant role in how hard a bullet transmits energy.

In addition, they have designed their hollow-points with a copper projectile that ruptures as the soft tissue enters the cavity. Civil Defense ruptures upon entry and their new line has a delayed rupture feature for maximum organ displacement.

As an example, their Civil Defense 9mm +p moves at a speed of 2,040 fps, which is an insane velocity for a 9mm self-defense round.



View the entire line of Liberty Ammunition here, and see how they can work with your concealed carry setup.