August 19, 2022

Bradenton, FL, August 19, 2022

Liberty Ammunition, the leading manufacturer of self-defense ammunition is excited
to attend the upcoming Worldwide Distributors Show, August 30- Sept 1 in Reno, NV.

Gary Ramey, CEO of Liberty Ammunition noted: “Worldwide is a great organization
with a particular strength in the western USA. Our self-defense ammunition is
nationally recognized as lighter to carry, lower recoil, hitting harder and providing
strong retailer margins.”

Ramey added: “Retailers are tired of the low margin junk ammo and Americans are
turning away from cheap foreign ammo to higher quality USA manufacturing. With
rising crime in major cities and self-defense as an increasing concern, we have seen
a significant jump in our business.”

The Maschmedt Group represents Liberty Ammunition out west and they are looking
forward to demonstrating our superiority to other brands.

About Liberty Ammunition
Liberty Ammunition is a leading USA self-defense ammunition for consumers, Law
Enforcement, Coroners and government sectors. Liberty hits harder due to cavity
design and speed. All calibers including 45 LC are faster than the speed of sound.
The bullets rupture on impact creating a hydrostatic shock that eliminates the threat.

Liberty Ammunition is only available at leading retailers and distributors in the USA.

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