February 23, 2023

Liberty Ammunition’s Innovative Personal Defense Rounds are Lighter, Go Faster, and Hit Harder

9MM bundle

Using innovative design and materials, Liberty Ammunition produces the most effective self-defense ammunition you can buy. Their products are designed to meet the needs of civilians, law enforcement and military personnel alike who want the most effective ammunition possible when it counts the most.

Liberty gets testimonials from law enforcement and operators around the world who carry Liberty personal defense ammo and have seen — up close and personal — it’s stopping power and effectiveness in real world situations.

Liberty offers a range of handgun and rifle calibers. Their flagship lead-free round, Civil Defense, features an all-copper deep hollow point bullet that travels at high speed.

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Civil Defense rounds are designed to hit hard and rupture in soft tissue, creating devastating wound channels that stop the threat. When your life is on the line, you need something you know will work and work every time. That’s why so many professionals carry Liberty Ammunition.

Box 2
Box 2

Liberty’s new-for-2023 Overwatch personal defense line was created at the request of a government agency. It features a delayed rupture feature for penetration and producing maximum hydrostatic shock. That gives you the ability to stop the threat when you need it most.


Speed is the exponential factor of the energy equation and, with that, Liberty Ammunition focuses on providing hard-hitting defensive rounds that are, by design, intended to create maximum penetration and terminal performance.

Liberty’s use of lightweight bullets in the Overwatch round makes for a low-recoiling cartridge that, equates to high energy displacement for hard-hitting terminal performance. Plus, because of the round’s reduced weight, more ammunition can be carried by the operator without slowing them down.

Light weight and low recoil mean you get back on target faster and getting more rounds on target when you need it most.

Speed plays the most significant role in how a bullet transmits energy. Kinetic energy is defined as: Ek=½mv2. The velocity is “squared”, which makes it more important than bullet weight in delivering energy on target. In addition, Liberty has designed their hollow-points with a copper projectile that ruptures as the soft tissue enters the cavity.

Every innovative Liberty round is individually inspected to the highest quality standards, so you know you can rely on it to end the threat when it really counts.


9MM bundle

Liberty Ammuntion is:

  • Lighter to carry
  • Faster to the target
  • Ruptures on impact to stop the threat

You can learn more about Liberty’s best-in-class personal defense ammunition here.


By thetruthaboutguns.com