February 22, 2023

(Sponsored) Liberty Ammunition: Best Conceal Carry Ammo?

Liberty Ammunition specializes in self-defense ammunition.

Their products are designed to meet the needs of civilians, law enforcement, and military personnel that want the most effective ammunition possible.



For self-defense, you want rounds that hit hard, so it stops the threat.


Liberty Ammo hits harder compared to other brands. Check out these ballistic stats below!

Liberty Ammunition velocity, weight, kinetic energy stats.


Bullet speed plays the most significant role in how hard a bullet transmits energy. And this product line features lightweight bullets that travel at very high speeds. Despite their weight, they still get the job done.

Liberty Ammo Stats - 80% Faster Than Hornady, 69% Faster Than Speer, 46% Lighter than Hornady, 60% lighter than Speer, Ultralights are 24% Lighter Than Civil Defense, 39% More Energy Than Hornady, 17% More Energy Than Speer
Some stats on Liberty Ammo

In addition, they have designed their hollow points with a copper projectile that ruptures as the soft tissue enters the cavity with a delayed rupture feature for maximum organ displacement.

Overwatch 45 ACP by Liberty Ammunition


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By pewpewtactical.com